Why does a fully automatic mechanical watch stop?
The fully automatic mechanical watch relies on the movement of the arm to cause the rotating surface of the automatic rotor to generate energy, which supports the daily operation of the fully automatic mechanical watch.
do. Wearing more than 8 hours a day can ensure the daily operation of the automatic watch, but it is not absolute. When the power of the automatic mechanical watch is insufficient, the watch can be wound to supplement the power of the mechanical watch to support the daily operation.

Do automatic mechanical watches need to be wound?
An automatic mechanical watch is based on a manual mechanical watch with an automatic rotor and an automatic wheel. The automatic watch has been in a stopped state before it is sold. When you get the automatic watch for the first time, it needs to be fully wound to ensure the work of the watch on the day. Just wear enough every day
Time, the automatic tuo will continuously replenish energy to the mainspring, so that the watch can work normally. Minimize manual tugging of the mainspring. Manually tugging the mainspring will drive the automatic wheel to rotate together, which will cause the automatic parts to wear out and cause unnecessary maintenance costs.

It is marked waterproof, why does it still enter the water vapor?
A waterproof watch must not get water? Of course not.
A waterproof watch does not mean that it will not get water vapor.

  1. When wearing the watch to take a bath, the waterproof rubber ring used for waterproofing in the watch will be accelerated by the erosion of chemicals such as detergents, and thus the waterproof effect will fail.
  2. During the rainy season, the humidity in the air is relatively high, and the temperature difference changes greatly, which can easily cause water vapor to enter the watch, and the same is true for saunas, air-conditioning rooms, and heating rooms.
  3. The rubber ring in the watch gradually ages with the passage of time, and the waterproof performance also gradually declines. The decline of the waterproof performance can easily lead to the intrusion of water vapor. In order to avoid the rust of the parts in the watch movement and the loss of the battery, it is recommended that you maintain it regularly. Love the watch and check the watch parts.

Is the watch with the cover still waterproof?
The reason why the watch is waterproof mainly depends on the waterproof rubber ring inside the watch to form a waterproof seal. However, if the back cover of the watch is frequently removed, it will affect the water resistance of the watch to a certain extent. According to personal experience, it is recommended that the wearer test the waterproof performance of the watch within 1 to 2 years, in order to prevent the watch’s waterproof rubber ring from aging and delaying the maintenance of the watch. It is tested in a professional repair center, and the original waterproof rubber ring is replaced, and it is more reliable to use.

What is the reason for the rust spots on the all-steel strap?
Stainless steel is composed of nickel and chromium elements, which do not like the invasion of acidic and alkaline substances. In the process of wearing an all-steel watch, because sweat contains hydrochloric acid, with long-term wear, the watch strap is prone to rust, and even some black stains appear inexplicably. Cosmetics, chemicals, disinfectants and other items containing acid and alkali will also cause rust spots or fading of the watch if they come into contact with the all-steel strap for a long time. When rust spots appear, it is recommended that you go to a professional repair center for cleaning with an ultrasonic instrument.

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